Summer Group Schedule, 3v3 Teams, Private Training

Summer Group Schedule, 3v3 Teams, Private Training

Updated Group Hours

We have updated our summer group schedule.

Please visit the link below to check out our new updated schedule!

Want to join a 3v3 Team?

Join us this summer for an exhilarating summer of 3v3 soccer tournaments! This is a great way to get supplemental training that enhances players' technical skills and tactical understanding of the game on a smaller scale.

This summer, we're excited announce that we will be participating in three tournaments held across Monroe, Hartland, and Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. With each tournament priced at $120 per player, participants will not only enjoy the thrill of competitive 3v3 matches but also benefit from the comprehensive training provided by our expert coaches.

Click below for more dates and information

Private Training at Soccer iQ

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower athletes, fostering not only excellence on the field but personal growth beyond the game. 

At Soccer iQ, we aim to be more than just a training program – a place where players are encouraged to push their boundaries, embrace challenges, and continually improve. Not only on the field but also in all aspects of their lives, instilling confidence, resilience, and a lifelong love for the game.

We are set to improve your technical ability, game understanding, and mental toughness.

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Speed, Agility, Quickness Group

Agers 11 and Under!

Every Monday at 5:00PM!


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