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    • Speed, Agility, Quickness
    • Small Sided Play
    • GK/Finishing Clinic
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  • SAQ + Technical

    Get a feel for what we have to offer! These are open drop-ins for anyone to join! Giving you the chance to train alongside other motivated players.

    • Speed, Agility, Quickness
    • Ball Mastery
    • Passing/Receiving
    • Team Play and More!
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  • Speed Agility Quickness

    Fundamental movement patterns essential for athletic success. SAQ drills aid in injury prevention by strengthening muscles and improving joint stability.

    • Better Coordination
    • Proper Run Technique
    • Reaction Time
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[SAQ] Speed, Agility, Quickness

Summary: Sessions are Mondays @ 5:00PM - 6:00PM

Age: (5yr - 11yr)

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SAQ sessions focus on a comprehensive range of movements essential for athletic performance and skill development. Targeting areas such as linear speed, lateral agility, multi-directional movement, explosive power, reaction time, coordination, and balance, we provide athletes with a holistic training experience. Our goal is to empower them and create the confidence needed to excel.

Linear Speed: Enhancing straight-line speed for efficient sprinting and acceleration.

Lateral Agility: Developing side-to-side movement for quick changes of direction.

Multi-Directional Movement: Improving agility in various directions for versatility on the field or court.

Explosive Power: Enhancing lower-body explosiveness for rapid movements and jumps.

Reaction Time: Training quick reaction time for rapid responses to opponents' actions.

Coordination and Balance: Developing coordination and balance for precise and controlled movements.

Open Soccer [SAQ] + [Technical]

Two age groups available:

New schedule every season

Ages: 5yr - 18yr

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Participants work on technical skills, SAQ drills, and receive feedback from our experienced coaches.


In our Soccer Technical Skills Drop-Ins, participants have the opportunity to work on a comprehensive range of technical skills essential for success on the field. From dribbling and passing to shooting and receiving, our sessions are designed to develop players' proficiency and confidence in various aspects of the game. Additionally, with the inclusion of SAQ drills and a 1.5-hour duration, players can expect a well-rounded and intensive training experience aimed at maximizing their potential on the soccer field.

Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) Component:

Additionally, our Soccer Technical Skills Drop-Ins include a dedicated segment focusing on Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) drills. These drills are designed to enhance players' athleticism, agility, and quickness on the field.

Dribbling: Improving ball control and dribbling technique to navigate through defenders effectively.

Passing: Enhancing passing accuracy, technique, and vision to distribute the ball efficiently to teammates.

Shooting: Developing shooting technique, power, and accuracy to score goals consistently.

Receiving: Improving the ability to receive passes with different parts of the body while under pressure.

Turning: Mastering techniques for quick turns to evade defenders and change direction efficiently.

Ball Control: Enhancing first touch and close control to maintain possession and create scoring opportunities.